Monday, October 19, 2009

The people can decide through a referendum

Neil Adams: Robert Corbin in one of his weekly meetings with the press was quoted as saying that President Jagdeo cannot run for presidential office in the 2011 elections, because this would be a breach of the constitution.

He was referring to the law which stipulates that a president cannot run for a third term; he/she is only restricted to two consecutive terms in office.

Corbin spoke as if this piece of legislation was the brainchild of his party, but I would like to remind the Opposition Leader that it was the PPP/C who instituted it, contrary to Corbin’s view.

Further to it, Corbin gives the impression that it is mandatory that the opposition be consulted and for them to give their stamp of approval. Should I again remind the Opposition Leader that the PPP/C is not dependent on the PNCR for a decision, they can simply refer the matter to the people - whom they should have consulted in the first place - in a referendum and I can guarantee you the party will legitimately garner a resounding percentage of yes votes, enough to change the constitution.

This was the route taken by the PNC in the 1980 referendum when they fraudulently garnered 95% yes votes. But let me allay their fears, the PPP/C is far more intelligent than the PNCR on matters of the constitution.

Corbin also surreptitiously issued a threat to the present administration by saying, “the people” would be forced to rise up if a third term is granted to Mr. Jagdeo.

Now Robert what are you talking about who is “the people”, be honest with yourself and substitute that phrase with myself and my PNCR thugs will rise up. Make no mistaking we the people of Guyana are well informed of the plans to seize power.

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