Monday, October 12, 2009

‘Group’ pushing for Jagdeo third term

A group calling itself the Guyanese Coalition For Jagdeo Third Term (GCFJTT) has been campaigning for a third term for President Bharrat Jagdeo by distributing flyers and buttons amid growing public concerns that a move may be afoot to amend the constitution to remove term limits.

It is, however, unclear who the members of this group are and whether they are affiliated with any another organization.

20091007jagdeoThe flyer being distributed bears the header “WE SUPPORT A THIRD TERM FOR JAGDEO”. The document goes on to say: “We the people of Guyana admires Presi-dent Bharrat Jagdeo for his visionary, courageous and astute leadership over the years. We need Jagdeo to continue the developmental path for a modern, peaceful and prosperous Guyana. In this respect, we are prepared to utilize the constitutional mechanisms to a third term as President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.”

The flyer, which carries the name of the group, ends with the footer: “JAGDEO! OUR CHOICE FOR 2011”.

The button that is being distributed is white and it has the words “JAGDEO 3rd TERM” printed in red.

Meanwhile, suggestions that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) may be behind this have been refuted by its General Secretary Donald Ramotar. Ramotar, when contacted, told Stabroek News that the party is not in anyway associated with the GCFJTT and emphasized that the flyers and buttons “have nothing to do with the PPP”. He told this newspaper that he, himself, had been presented with one of the flyers and a button, from an unknown source. Ramotar opined that “it may be somebody trying to be mischievous since the President has repeatedly stated his position on the matter.”


  1. President Bharrat Jagdeo and Finance Minister Ashni Singh should swop jobs and this would not mean constitutional changes.
    Mr Putin of Russia shows how to do this and it is not rocket science.

  2. It is clear that this move for a third term is being orchestrated by the PPP. Let them go ahead with this move. I will personally lead a movement to demand a referendum on the political process in Guyana. What we have here is callous and perverted attempt by a group of front persons to subvert the democratic processes in a nation on the last legs of freedom.

  3. A lot of people will start to shiver now. I thought Jagdeo was a visionless leader and can be defeated easily at election by Trotman and Ramjattan and they will be happy to have him running for the third term…I did not know they were so afraid of this man….........Go jaggy go…