Monday, October 26, 2009

Another businessman throws his support behind the idea of a Jagdeo third term.

Brian Yong: Absolutely nothing is wrong with people pushing for a Jagdeo Third Term because as I see it, they are entitled to have an opinion on the issue and people should at least respect that opinion. But I am a bit peeved by the fact that people are labelling the efforts of the persons behind the campaign as evil.

In my view Jagdeo is the best President Guyana has ever had, period. I believesin the President and I support him now and always. There are persons out there who people seem to fear the idea of Jagdeo running for a third term despite the fact that the President has said repeatedly he has no interest in running again. People are also apprehensive about him going for a third term despite the fact that it is the people of Guyana who have to decide that, not a group that is calling for it.

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